The Transformation Programme

Please be advised that all roles are now closed

Doncaster Council’s approach to adult social care is changing. Responding to the growing pressures of rising demand and reduced financial resources, we have developed a new plan of how we will change the way we support and care for adults across Doncaster.

Our plan means we will have a health and social care system that delivers value for money, improves access locally to a wider service offer, provides opportunities for people to improve their health, puts people in control of their care and support and protects those who are most vulnerable.

People tell us that they want to live independent, healthy and fulfilling lives based on choices that are important to them. People tell us that they want to stay in their own homes and communities for as long as possible. Our new approach will make sure that people have the opportunity to do just that by:

  • Supporting people to lead independent lives in strong and sustainable communities
  • Giving people choice and control
  • Making sure people are healthy and safe, particularly when in urgent need or crisis

The transformation plan is made up of seven key projects:

Project 1 – Customer Journey

What will be the resident’s experience? This project is about supporting people to make the best of their health and wellbeing, making sure they are connected with efficient and effective services and that they get value for money. It will redesign processes such as the care management function, determine the required capabilities and skills and redesign organisational structures.

Project 2 – Community Led Support

How can we all work together? This project will focus on self-help, early intervention and prevention. Shifting to a local community model of support will mean that people have the best chance possible to remain independent and retain control of their lives.

Project 3 – Transforming Commissioning

How can we help to support you? This project will transform the council into a cooperative commissioner, collaborating with communities and people to find shared responses to challenges and opportunities.

Project 4 – Digital and Technology

How can we use the latest digital technology? This project will enable the council to more effectively meet the needs of service users and enable personalisation and choice through more effective use of technology. This will reduce the need for inefficient administrative functions which in turn will reduce unnecessary costs.

Project 5 – Health and Social Care Integration

How can we can all work better to avoid duplication? This project will develop better joint commissioning, increased pooling of resources and the alignment or merging of health and adult social care functions. It is proposed that a joint commissioning model be applied and tested for intermediate care and a business case is proposed for transforming care.

Project 6 – Alternative Service Delivery Models (ASDMs)

How can we do things differently? This project will make effective use of the various opportunities available to deliver services in a way that meets the needs of people, communities and businesses. The council will not be the default provider of services and other models of delivery will be considered.

Project 7 – Performance Management and Continuous Improvement

How will we know we are getting better? This project will improve people’s experience of the services they receive and the support they get. It will put in place a new performance framework, which supports more effective management of day-to-day activity; proactive identification of opportunities to improve and intervene more effectively; and support better compliance with national standards. It will also provide clear evidence of improvements and transparency of all assurance and governance issues.